2022 GBC Swimming Carnival – Event Information:


As per last year, we will be splitting swimmers and parents/spectators. The competitors will enter the aquatic centre and sit on the Western Side, with parents/spectators entering and sitting on the Eastern side. Note, only officials and competitors waiting to compete are permitted on the main pool deck. Each school to sit in their designated zone and students to be supervised by school staff throughout the day.

Stamping in the stands is not permitted. No zoom lenses photography allowed. No flash photography at the start of races.

Silence is to be observed at the commencement of each race.

Competition and Carnival Guidelines:

  • 100m/50m Freestyle events. As per the GBC bylaws – any student that swims in the 100m freestyle event, is not permitted to swim in the individual 50m freestyle event.
  • Age Groups: A competitor may compete in his/her own age group or ONE other higher age group, providing he/she remains in that one age group for the carnival.  This rule does not apply to the “Junior” or “Senior” 200 meter events for which a school may enter any eligible competitor. Each student’s age shall be taken as at 11:59 p.m. on December 31st in the year of competition (i.e., born 2nd January 2010 = 12 Years in 2022).
  • Age Group Numbering: All competitors MUST have their age group marked (with the use of permanent marker) on one shoulder before they are permitted to swim. These numbers should remain consistent throughout the day.
  • Entry to Pool Deck: Please note that entry to the pool deck for swimmers will not be permitted via the main reception area. Access from grandstands to the marshalling room or diving pool (warm up pool) is via the stairs placed alongside the diving pool only.
  • Touch Pads: Please ensure that all swimmers are aware of the importance of touching the yellow touch pads at the end of each race. In relay changeovers, swimmers are to leave the pool by the sides to avoid reactivating the touch pads.
  • Warm Up Pool: Please note that entry to the diving pool for swimmers to warm up or warm down can only be undertaken if a supervising staff member is present from the school involved. Students must not enter this pool without a supervising adult from their school. Supervising staff should be diligent in moving people on from this areas if they use if for a social gathering. It is to be used for warm ups/cool downs only.
  • Competitor Seating: Competitors will sit with their schools until marshalling takes place. If they are using the warm up pool, it is the responsibility of the school to ensure their swimmers attend the marshalling area prior to their event.
  • Start: Swimmers should be reminded that the ‘one start’ rule will be in force.
  • Disputes / Protests:  In all cases, protests are to be referred to the Convenor (Eddie) who will proceed accordingly.
  • Team Changes:  Late team changes are to be forwarded to Eddie prior to the carnival or handed into the recording room 30mins prior to the commencement of the carnival. All changes must be in writing using the template sent to school sport directors and MUST contain the event number of the change to be made.
  • Centre Requirements: School officials and coaches are to ensure that the following rules are adhered to:
    • No spitting, crepe paper, confetti, zinc cream, face/body paint or littering in the complex
    • No bags on pool deck, stairways or walkways
    • No leaning on, or hanging over front handrails
    • All banners and signs must be removed on completion of the event
    • All walkways and stairways to be kept clear for the duration of the carnival

Photography: Sleeman Centre requirements

The Brisbane Aquatic Centre has a policy of no flash photography at the start of races and that all cameras with zoom lenses are not permitted to be used in the stands. This is an obvious child safety situation and is important that spectators understand the parameters of bringing photographic equipment with them. Zoom lens photography is permitted on the pool deck only where each school is permitted just one official school photographer.

2022 GBC Swimming Carnival – Program:

See below for a summary of (anticipated) event timings. A full program of events can be downloaded below.

Proposed Timings
Doors Open:7:30am
Officials Meeting:8:10am
200m Freestyle:8:30am
4x50m Medley Relay:8:50am
100m Freestyle:9:50am
50m Freestyle:10:20am
50m Backstroke:11:40am
50m Butterfly:12:50pm
50m Breastroke:1:42pm
4x50m Freestyle Relay:2:34pm
Results Gathering / Cleanup:3:46pm
Depart Chandler:4:30pm

Program of Events

2022 GBC Swimming Carnival – Results:

2022 Results:

2021 Results:

Primary AggregateSHELSHEL
Primary PercentageSHELSHEL
Primary Co-ed OverallSHEL
Secondary AggregateSHELATC
Secondary PercentageSHELSHEL
Secondary Co-ed OverallSHEL

2022 GBC Swimming Carnival – Lane Allocation:

Each school will be allocated a lane for the duration of the event. The 2022 Lane Allocation is below:

School NameAbbr.
Lane 1:All Hallows SchoolAHS
Lane 2:The Springfield Anglican CollegeTSAC
Lane 3:Sheldon CollegeSHEL
Lane 4:Ambrose Treacy / Brigidine CollegeATC/BRIG
Lane 5:Rivermount CollegeRMC
Lane 6:Redeemer Lutheran CollegeRLC
Lane 7:Faith Lutheran College PlainlandFLCP
Lane 8:Staines Memorial CollegeSMC

2022 GBC Swimming Carnival – Venue:


The 2022 GBC Swimming Carnival will take place at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Sleeman Complex, Chandler on Friday 18th March.

Buses to drop off and collect students from the Bus Stop in Car Park P3. Buses are to park in the top (northern) section of Car Park P3.

For ease of access, it is suggested that cars use Car Park P2 or P3


On the day, spectators will be seated on the Eastern side of the grandstand with Competitors sitting with their schools on the Western side of the grandstand.

Only officials and competitors waiting to compete are permitted on the main pool concourse.

Schools should occupy the area designated for their school only (see image below) in the Western Grandstand.

2022 GBC Swimming Carnival – Welcome:

Dear Parents, Spectators, Officials and Students,

Welcome to the Chandler Aquatic Centre for the 2022 Greater Brisbane Conference Swimming Carnival.  We are delighted that you have joined us to support our athletes as they represent their College and trust you will join in celebrating their achievements in the pool.

On behalf of the GBC Principals, Sports Directors and our Executive Officer, I would like to congratulate all students who are competing today and wish each and every one success in their chosen event. A special welcome to our friends from Staines Memorial College and All Hallows School who are joining us today for this swimming carnival.

Kind regards,

Steven Morris

Principal – The Springfield Anglican College

GBC Chair

Participating Schools:

  • All Hallows School
  • Faith Lutheran College Plainland
  • Ambrose Treacy College
  • Sheldon College
  • The Springfield Anglican College
  • Rivermount College
  • Brigidine College
  • Redeemer Lutheran College
  • Staines Memorial College

QSAC Canteen

The QSAC canteen is located at the southern end of the track and will be available for competitors and spectators between 10:30am and 1:30pm.

Please note that no commercial food or beverage of any kind is permitted to be bought into the venue for consumption or sale (eg, uber eats/pizza delivery) Home packed lunches/drinks are ok.


Officials, Athletes and Spectators must park in Car Park 2, entry via Kessels road. The only entrance and exit for all buses bringing students to QSAC is Gate A located on Mains Road and Gate B located on Kessels Road.

The Gate C entrance on Kessels Road is only accessible for cars, not buses as this entrance is not wide enough to allow buses through.

QSAC strongly encourages car pooling where possible for spectators coming for the event and spectator should allow plenty of time to arrive at the event and find a car parking space. QSAC staff will be in the car parking areas to assist where possible. 

COVID-19 Information

QSAC is currently operating under a COVID-19 plan. Therefore, they ask that any competitor, spectator or official not attend the carnival if they:

  • Have any COVID-19 symptoms or are unwell
  • Have travelled overseas or to a declared COVID-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days
  • Have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19

In addition to the above:

  • All adults will be required to check in on arrival to QSAC using the ‘Check In QLD App’
  • Physical distancing is to be maintained off the field of play and in all indoor areas where possible
  • Masks are to be worn when unable to maintain 1.5m social distancing
  • Hand sanitisation stations will be available across the event and should be used accordingly
  • The Grandstand will only be available for competitors use only. Schools will be required to sit in their allocated sections. School staff to ensure that no spectators are accessing the grandstand for the duration of the event. 

2021 GBC Athletics Carnival – Welcome:

Dear Parents, Spectators, Officials and Students,

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I welcome you to the Queensland State Athletics Centre for the 2021 Greater Brisbane Conference Track and Field Championships. We are delighted to be afforded the opportunity to be the host school for the championships and trust that you will enjoy every moment of our hospitality.

Please be assured our staff, along with Eddie Fardell (GBC Executive Office), are here to assist you in any way we can to make your day an enjoyable one.

I would like to congratulate all students who are competing today and I wish each and every one of you every success in your chosen event.

Kind regards,

Dr Lyn Bishop

Founder and Principal – Sheldon College

GBC Chair

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